Taxpayer money paid out to the special Friends

See the amount of Taxpayer money paid out to the special Friends of Congress and the MN Congressional Delegation! After Bird Flu hit Minnesota’s massive Turkey and Egg laying operations!

These huge payouts were reviled this weekend on Informed TV, Alexandria MN off it’s TV towers in Alexandria and Willmar MN and Fargo ND.

This $75 million in indemnities in MN and $200 million nationally in the North Central region was paid out without any prime paid or the use of USDA,s Risk Management Agency. Setup to protect Crop and Livestock operations in the USA but ignored by these massive poultry operations.

Six MN Poultry operations, received about $64 million of the total $74,689,257 sent out to the special Friends of Congress!

Jennie-O-Turkey Store of Willmar MN topped the list at $33,960,564, Willmar Poultry, Willmar MN received $13,971,282, Gorans Brothers Blomkest MN received $5,241,870, Rembrandt Enterprises Renville MN received $4,118,302, Michael Foods Le Sueur MN received $3,348,683, Sparboe Farms Inc. Litchfield MN received $3,143,582

When Informed TV owner Alan Roebke (REB-Key) asked the Payout Agency APHIS about no insurance primes paid they replied with this:

And to address your earlier question, federal law gives APHIS the authority to depopulate affected herds and flocks to contain or stop the spread of the disease. To encourage early reporting of disease issues, farmers are paid for euthanized animals, which helps stop the outbreak and support impacted farmers at the same time. When depopulation occurs, APHIS will give the producer an indemnity payment equal to the fair market value of the animal. APHIS also offers indemnity for materials, such as tools or pallets, that must be destroyed because they cannot be disinfected after contact with infected animals or animal matter. Indemnity does not cover all production losses for the time a farm will be out of commission after a disease detection. While APHIS recognizes that this can pose a hardship for affected producers and their employees, our ability to provide indemnity is set by specific conditions in the Animal Health Protection Act of 2002.

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service:

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