3 Minnesota farm Families, the Kramers, Stamers and Melbergs

A look at 3 Minnesota farm Families, the Kramers, Stamers and Melbergs. The only way to see if the 2012 Senate Farm Bill is fair or still needs more cuts. Do a side by side comparison of what these 3 farm Families have received in both direct payments and Crop Insurance Subsidies under the 2008 act and compare it to the just pasted Senate farm Act. Also audit how much government money these Family Trees have received since 1996 under “Freedom To Farm” and to see if they have become “Subsidy Forests”. Which needs to be done before the House Farm Bill is debated.

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  1. Carol Braaten on July 21, 2012 at 9:29 am

    Just wondering why you are picking on and naming those 3 family farmers in
    your video. I don’t personally know any of them, but as I looked on ewg.org to see the subsidy that they have received through the years 1995-2011, I also noticed that Harvest States has received more than any family farmer listed and more than the top 20 farmers combined. Why not work to get the big Coops off the list altogether rather than pick on a family farmer who earns an honest living. Besides that the family farmer probably has several families living off the income and the subsidy is divided up over 16 years. So when pencilled out it doesn’t amount to a spit in the ocean dollarwise. Let’s see you do something worthwhile rather than lambasting hard working farmers who depend on the Lord for their very existence not the government as you imply!!

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