Lynne Torgerson for Congress

Lynne is seeking the Republican nomination in the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota, to run against Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison. Keith Ellison is the first and only Muslim in Congress.

Alan Roebke of interviews Candidate Lynne Torgerson on her views as a candidate for Congress and addresses Alan’s questions on topics he as a former Candidate and analyst thinks are important in 2012 to address the mess!

Roebke received 48.23% of the Republican primary vote in Minnesota’s 7th congressional district in 2008 but was a hair short of getting a chance to run against Democratic Rep. Collin Peterson, now ranking member of the house Ag Committee.

Yet as candidate or former candidate, Roebke has ever been allowed to speak to Republicans and never raised even a Dollar in campaign funds in 2008. Today Roebke is firm independent and always was a fiscal conservative, who worked the middle ground as a sugar lobbyist and sold sound unsubsidized sugar policy to Tip O’Neal. Which is the only farm policy to stand the test of time without subsidizes, yet the industry prospers.

This week, this TV program is on Charter Channel 14 at 6:00 AM and 7:30 PM each day in 190,000 households and many more households on community TV in outstate Minnesota, including the Fargo/Moorhead metro area.

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