New Wildlife Area Proposal

View a new Wildlife Area Proposal using a mile wide corridor along the Red River of the north from Fargo ND to Climax MN. All seen on informed TV off the Fargo ND TV tower and the TV towers at Alexandria and Willmar MN. An area about the size of Itasca State Park, headwaters of the Mississippi River in MN.

FCC TV Spectrum Auction Info

See the monetary bidding starting points for full power and class A TV stations! Posted by the FCC, for it’s Reverse Auction, all to free up TV spectrum wanted by the Cell Phone Companies and others!

Note all are in the millions to ten’s and hundreds of millions! So the Friends of Congress will continue be rewarded in traditional D.C. fashion……..The move you have, the more you get! This spectrum will be resold to hungry bidders, hopefully at a profit or a break even for Taxpayers. Yet remember, the consumer always picks up the final tab, right?

See TV Spectrum Auction details & Bidding process:
Click for FCC Spectrum Info

Douglas County Government over reach

See 62 Pages of Douglas County Government over reach! That’s about to be approved when there is no press oversight other than Informed TV. Which the commissioners and Alexandria Officials don’t want on Cable.

See how Douglas County is bailing out a developer on a failed park and water runoff project. In and out of bed with the Townships and making/turning one lake homeowners yard and driveway into a Grand eco systems event.

What do you think is the cost of all the oversight in this Douglas county report and there hands in everything governance! Alan